Often the failure to timely recognize the nature of back pain between shoulder bladesBack pain between shoulder blades; symptoms and causes. Read more ... » leads to the fact that the patient may considerably suffer, inspecting and taking a variety of treatment before being exposed to the correct diagnosis.

What is the cause of persistent pain resistant to treatment measures? It is noticed that the persistent upper back pain between shoulder blades predominantly affects those people, whose work involves prolonged muscle tensionGood Tips On How To Live With Back Pain. Read more ... » of shoulder girdle.

It is important to note that the thoracic part of the spine is in relatively low motion. Therefore, significant degenerative changes in it, usually does not occur, as confirmed by X-ray examination. Consequently, back pain between the shoulder blades is often not associated with osteochondrosis. The cause of pain lies in the muscles of the interscapular region, and in advanced cases and in tendons, ligaments and in non-reachable bundles and places of their attachment to the vertebrae.
Typically, the pain emanating from muscles, gives a sense of tension between the shoulder blades, gravity load on the upper back. However, it is necessary to move shoulders and these unpleasant phenomena immediately disappear.

Quite a differently is felt a pain, which is the source of the tendon interscapular muscles, woven into the ligament, located between the spinous processes, as well as their periosteal. If anyone has forgotten, we recall that the spinous processes – a stone, is felt on the back along the spine. When a person complains of pain between the shoulder blades bursting, not immediately after passing the change in body position, sometimes spreading around the spine, or smack in the heart area, we can assume that it comes from the tendons and ligaments, Its kind of icing is a feeling, numbness, pins and needles. Often these pains compel a person to wake up at night and taking heart medications.

However, it would be too simple to explain the appearance of upper back pain between shoulder blades by just one specific work. Based on personal experience, we concluded that these categories of workers fall ill mostly those who have dysplasia of the ligaments. Simply put the “soft” bond. In other words, the foundation for the emergence of persistent back pain between shoulder blades was laid before the birth. But only the foundation. Everything else is a person “completes” itself. Do you have such a deviation, you can check, using the above test. If you find “soft” bundles, the author advises to take it seriously. For the foundation for the emergence of the disease – this is not a disease. And be it or not – depends on you.

A few words about the treatment. Get rid of muscle painGreat Tips For Fighting Lower Right Side Back Pain Effectively. Read more ... » is quite simple. If you feel stress or weight between the shoulders appeared at work, change position, perform a few simple physical exercises.

For example, make a circular movement of the shoulders, reduce and dilute the scapula. Alternatively, try the following method: from a sitting or standing hug arms so that the maximum blade broke. Then take a deep breath, went to shoulder even more, and hold your breath for 5-7 seconds.

With the localization of unpleasant sensations in the cervical-thoracic transition dip, your right shoulder and hold it in this position, bend your head while the left and forward until the light pain in the stretched muscles. Repeat in the opposite direction. Then put both arms down, bend your head forward and to the feeling of mild pain.

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