Causes of hair loss in women over 50

Hair loss in women over 50

Hair loss in women over 50

Hair loss in women is often associated with post menopause syndrome. In most cases, hair loss occurs as a permanent problem. This problem is however reversible in some cases. Dealing with hair loss is without any doubt one of the most traumatizing things for women. Considered as the crown of a woman, hair makes a woman beautiful. Apart from making women beautiful, hair that properly is taken care of boosts a lady’s confidence! When hair loss in women over 50 begins, a majority of those who are affected tend to panic. Due to lack of better options and information, a group of women end up relying on any solution they hear of!

To deal with hair loss effectively, women should first try to understand the condition. The first thing women should identify is the cause of their condition. Thyroid disorder is one of the leading causes of unexplained hair loss in women. Apart from hair loss, this condition usually manifests through the following signs:

  • Fatigue
  • Drastic weight gain or loss
  • Depression
  • Excessive heart palpitation
  • Insomnia

So, how does thyroid disease cause hair loss? Thyroid disease usually occurs as a result of excessive or limited secretion of hormones.The change in hormone secretion often changes a person’s metabolic rate. Thyroidism often occurs as Graves disease which causes goiter. It may also occur as plummers disease. These two conditions often cause hair loss in women over 50! At this age, women are usually prone due losing their hair because they are aging. If not detected early, thyroid disorders can cause so many damages! When diagnosed, hair loss in women thyroid can be reversed, slowed or managed.

Women are always advised to seek a doctor’s advice before they start taking medication for any thyroid disorder. During the diagnosis process, doctors usually attempt to identify the actual cause of hair loss. Doctors usually do blood tests to determine the level of thyroid hormones in a patient. The most common pattern of thyroidism related hair loss is:

General Thyroidism Hair Loss

Hair loss in women over 50 is often associated with hair fall. Patients do not experience baldness but they lose a significant amount of hair when they are brushing or washing their hair. Women with this condition can be treated for hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.


When thyroidism related hair loss is detected early enough, patients can be treated. Physicians often prescribe drugs to regulate their patient’s hormone secretion. Regulation drugs are however, not always 100% effective. Women with thyroid disorders can always put their condition under control using strict nutritional diets. Apart from dietary measures, hair loss can always be treated using:

  • Hormone replacement-these drugs usually boost T4 hormone production and growth of hair in the long run.
  • Alternative medicine and nutritional supplements – these are readily available products. Women can use natural or processed products to manage thyroidism and prevent hair loss.
  • Laser treatment- this treatment helps to stimulate hair follicles so as to initiate hair growth.

Dealing with hair loss is an ultimate test! Women who are dealing with this condition must always be patient because none of the above treatment methods gives instant results! Women should also be persistent enough to achieve the desired results.


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