Back pain between shoulder blades; symptoms and causes

back pain between shoulder bladesQuite often, people tend to have a back pain between shoulder blades.
The pain is commonly caused by poor posture. Most people have formed the habit of laying or sitting with bad neck postures which ultimately affect the back area between shoulders. Back pain between the shoulder blades is slowly turning into a serious condition characterised by inflammation, pain and in some rare cases arthritis. If addressed early, such back pain can be easily eliminated by doing certain stretching exercises however, if ignored; the back pain can result in chronic conditions.

Upper back pain between shoulder blades is normally felt as a sharp pain sensation or a burning ache that is spread evenly across the shoulder blades. In severe cases, it may be impossible for victims with chronic back pain to touch their upper back because lifting the arms and then taking them backwards is impossible due to pain.

Symptoms of back pain between shoulder blades

The most common symptoms include; deep back aching pain, difficulty and pain when taking deep breaths, difficulty and pain when resting the shoulders, inability to move the chin and shoulders, shoulder blades soreness and inability to move arms freely in all directions.

Back pain causes between the shoulder blades

Back pain between shoulders is popularly known as thoracic pain. There are many other reasons behind the back pain apart from poor posture. For instance, back pain felt between the shoulder blades can occur when one is doing any activity that stresses the upper back muscles. Examples of such activities include; playing outdoor games, painting surfaces on top of you i.e. painting a roof e.t.c. can trigger back pain.
Back pain between the shoulders can also be caused by lack of stretching exercises. It is very important to do some stretching exercises every day to ensure that your muscles and back relax. Failure to do stretching exercises for a long time can cause back pain especially between the shoulder blades.

Massaging is usually a remedy to back pain however lack of massages in the long-term can also cause back pain. This is because massages are aimed at resting and correcting muscles. Regular back massages can therefore help to eliminate back problems that arise as a result of poor posture or doing strenuous activities.

Back pain between shoulder blades can also be as a result of serious causes. For instance, thoracic dysfunction, rib dysfunction and trapped nerves in the neck are some common serious conditions that cause back pain as a result of bone movement problems. Chronic back pain between shoulder blades needs proper examination and treatment to ensure that the bones are cured and nerves return to their correct position.

Severe back pain experienced between shoulder blades can also be caused by organ pain. This kind of pain arises when a person has an organ transplant and problems arise. Most organ transplants result in symptoms such as upper back pain. Organ pain is among the most serious cause of back pain between shoulder blades thus one needs to seek medical attention immediately.


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